What is Trademonk ?

Trademonk aims to disrupt the cryptotrading industry by lowering the barrier
to creating algorithmic trading models.

We built a platform for
The crypto trading Industry

We will issue our token coin, called the TRADEMONK Coin.
A strict limit of 2,800,000 TMNK will be created, never to be increased. TMNK will run natively on the Ethereum blockchain with ERC-20.

Cryptocurrency exchanges or Digital Currency Exchanges (DCE) are businesses that allow customers to trade cryptocurrencies or digital currencies for other assets

Creators of digital currencies are often independent of the DCEs that trade the currency. In one type of system, Digital Currency Providers (DCP), are businesses that keep and administer accounts.

What is Crypto?
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features & Solutions

We have invented some new features and solutions in existing one in crypto exchanges :


Limit Trade:
By Limit Trade user is independent to place his / her order as per own convenience. The order will be executed with ‘Highest Buy & Lowest Sell’. Notifications help users to know the status of their In orders.

Market Trade:
Market trades executes orders instantly. User will be notified for the transaction.

Stop-loss trade :
A stop-loss is an order type you can use to limit potential losses. The idea of a stop-loss is to place a sell order at a lower price than when you bought it, to avoid losing too much money on one trade.

Margin Trade:
Margin trading is the process of borrowing money from a broker/exchange to be able to buy a larger amount of an asset than with just your own money.

Web, Android & iOS platforms :
Trademonk’s web platform was launched in the month of May 2018. We have focused more on user interface and emphasized more on look and feel of the website.

mobile-app mobile-app mobile-app mobile-app


TMNK Fiat support : Trademonk supports all major Fiat currencies like INR, THB & EUR respectively. Users can now deposit these fiat to be able to enter into TMNK markets. This will allow users to buy other coins at a better price than other markets.

Peer-to-Peer Trading : Trademonk facilitates peer to peer trading for faster execution of orders. This negates the problems regarding any third party involvement.

OTC Desk : OTC trading simply refers to any exchange of cryptocurrencies that occurs off the exchange. It is designed for large-scale trades. Also allows you to avoid slippage, which may result in a better price.

Escrow : Escrow is a way to control and protect financial assets. Trademonk has deployed Escrow trade mechanism for users for secure transactions. A trusted third party which will act as a guarantor.

Payment gateway : Trademonk offers a decentralised payment platform that enables users to send and receive payments in multiple crypto currencies. The aim is to create a platform that enhances the payment process by reducing the number of intermediaries involved.

Ecommerce : Trademonk tend to bring revolution to payment industry like no other organization, there by luring to world of crypto currencies and making your transactions and payments safe and secure.



Acquaint yourself by reading our Whitepaper.

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  • Trademonk serve as a platform for cryptocurrency trading with support for various Fiat currencies.
  • Trademonk Coin (TMNK) is a solution for users to be able to cash in/out with fiat on the Trademonk exchange platform.
  • Trademonk enables HODLER benefits with various airdrops for locking TMNK holdings, referring other users, holding TMNK in balances wallet.
  • Pre-Sale & Values

    Token Sale

    We will issue our token coin, called the TRADEMONK Coin. A strict limit of 28,00,000 TMNK will be created.
    TMNK will run natively on the Ethereum blockchain with ERC-20.

    ICO Ending in
    • Pre-Sale
    • Soft Cap
    • Bonus
    • |
    • |
    • |
    100% target raised
    1 TMNK = 0.00063878 BTC
    Bulk TMNK Buy/Sell

    We have successfully reached the soft cap! Join now and get a higher discount.
    Get your tokens for the best price with following features.

    • Public TMNK starts 6th August
    • Public TMNK ends 30th September
    • TMNK Support fiats like INR, THB & EUR
    • Transaction amount 0.01 BTC


    Below is the Trademonk Roadmap from its inception to future releases...

    July 2017
    Inception of idea
    August 2018
    TMNK ICO Release Live Now
    September 2018
    Limit & Market Trade
    Stop-Loss Trade
    OTC Trade
    Hodler Airdrops
    Zero Trade fees
    Support for FIAT
    Web Application
    24*7 Live Chat Support
    Android & IOS Application
    October 2018
    TMNK Launch Event
    Margin Trading
    Prepaid Debit Cards
    November 2018
    Merchant Payment Gateway
    December 2018
    E-commerce Support
    End of token sale
    About coin

    Our COIN

    Coin Image

    Zero Fees TMNK Market:
    Trademonk offers zero trade fees for users who will trade in TMNK pairs. Users will be benefited for buy / sell for any cryptocurrency particularly in TMNK market.

    Fiat Trade with TMNK coin:
    Trademonk believes to go global and support TMNK market. The TMNK market will support all major fiat deposits and withdrawals which will not be supported by other markets. Support goes for fiats like INR, THB & EUR.

    This referral airdrop is directly mentioned with maintained balance.

    • Airdrops Fixed Deposit Plan : Offer 12% monthly TMNK on amount invested in FD plan, for period of 3 months, 6 months & 9 months.
    • Airdrops Daily : Airdrops are accumulated daily and credited each month as 0.05% per day of TMNK holding in user account.
    • Airdrops on Referrals : Airdrop of 25% of trade fees is collected to the referring user in other (non-TMNK) markets.
    Token Sale

    Token Distribution

    The distribution of TMNK coins are meticulously organized by Trademonk. 50% of the coins are sold as token
    and the rest is distributed between the group and angel investors in a proportionate ratio.


    Below we have discussed the distribution and the release of the coin that Trademonk has planned so far. The exchange will be circulating 1,00,000 coins on 26th of every month.

    • 20% of coins will be available for ICO. ICO commencing from 6th August 2018 and ending on 1st October 2018
    • 40% will be available for Interest & Airdrops
    • Trademonk will have 25% for company holding
    • Trademonk will offer remaining 15% for Direct Sale

    Symbol : TMNK

    Initial Value : 1 TMNK = 0.00063878 BTC

    Type : ERC-20



    Mr. Ganesh Godase
    Trademonk Pvt Ltd
    Mr. Amit Nevase
    Trademonk Pvt Ltd
    Mr. Pritesh Saitwal
    Director, Trademonk Pvt Ltd.
    Mr. Shrikant Bhalerao
    M.D. Cipher Venture Capital
    Technical Advisor
    Mr. Arpan Rewatkar
    Project Manager
    Trademonk Pvt Ltd.
    Mr. Thomas Schibil
    Head of Business Development Cipher Venture Capital, Advisor.
    Mr. Jaeyawat Manphadungkij
    BDM, Cipher Venture Capital & Advisor.
    Mr. Jay Bharadhwaj
    Advisor, Citowise - Estonia


    Trademonk ICO is starting from August 6th 2018 which will last till 1st October 2018.
    User has to invest minimum 0.01 BTC for ICO. It could change as per company's norms and policies.
    User can invest their TMNK as a Hodler Deposit. Hodler Deposit is available for 3, 6 and 9 months respectively for which user will get certain rate of interest.
    Yes. Airdrops plan will be available for only 9 months. Airdrops Daily will be available for 18 months only. Please contact technical support for any queries.
    The total TMNK supply is 28,00,000. The exchange will be circulating 1,00,000 coins on 26th of every month.
    Trademonk will support trading in 4 Markets that are TMNK, BTC, ETH, USDT for 100+ coins and 4+ Fiat markets INR, THB, EUR. Trademonk also support Zero trading fees & Hodler airdrop benifits.
    TMNK will run on ERC-20 Ethereum Blockchain
    The total percentage of ICO is 20%, which goes to 5,60,000 TMNK. For any queries please contact technical support
    The total TMNK to supply is 28,00,000. The exchange will be circulating 1,00,000 coins on 26th of every month.
    First day of every month. The timings are 11:59 pm to 12 am.
    User will get their wallet addresses after BTCMonk will complete blockchain.
    These are crypto traders, novice users who want to invest in cryptocurrencies and start trading. These investors can enter into TMNK market using Fiat currencies like INR, THB & EUR.
    Referrals will get 5% of BTC of their referrer's Bitcoin investments.
    The ICO TMNK will be credited to Trademonk wallet by 1st October,2018 at the same purchased price.